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Wood Privacy Fence

tall wood fence in the yard

A wood privacy fence can give your backyard a different touch. It will also offer that part of the house some privacy, transforming it into a great spot to sit and feel the breeze blow against your face. This type of fence would give you the freedom to talk and engage in some simple activities without having to worry about prying eyes. It will also add more value to your home and make your property more attractive. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we are professional fence contractors who are familiar with multiple fence installation techniques. It's our job to help you pick a suitable fence option for your property. We will help you decide on a choice based on the size of your yard and the money at your disposal. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why any homeowners should invest in the erection of wood privacy fences.


Security And Value

Did you know that the installation of a wood privacy fence on your property may reduce the amount you pay as an insurance premium? Some insurance providers will deduct your home insurance premium payment for a particular duration. This reduction in payment would cover the cost of your new fence. A well-built, sturdy wood privacy fence would boost the value of your home. Your home would have a higher resale value than other houses in the same area without a fence. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we are fencing professionals that will help you install the right type of wood privacy fence for your property.



The installation of wood privacy fences would ensure that you and your family members have some form of privacy in the backyard of your home. Now, you can have guests, mini-parties and have fun at the back of your home without disturbing your neighbors. Maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors is crucial to the quality of your living conditions. A wood privacy fence may be the best way to ensure that nobody gets in each other's way. We can offer you high-quality fence installation that will offer you the private moments that you want.


Animal Boundary And Protection

If you have some pets on your property, your wood privacy fence would keep them fenced in. It would prevent them from straying off or getting stolen by intruders. Your pets also need some room to play and let loose. A wood privacy fence would ensure that you and your pet can have some personal moments without disturbing the neighbors. The fence also keeps stray animals out of your yard to prevent them from causing damage to your garden or property.


Protection From Harsh Weather

Harsh weather conditions are not uncommon in Texas. Rushing winds can damage your garden and any items in it. Quality fence installation will act as a form of protection against heavy rain and windy conditions. Now, you're free to beautify your garden as you want without fear of losing it to harsh winds. At Braunfels Fence Experts, we have fence installation experts who are capable of handling different types of wood fence projects. We'll work with you to determine what you want without breaking your finances.

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