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Commercial Fencing

chain link fence with padlock

If you own a large commercial property, you would need to apply the right fencing. Adding the right fence to your commercial property would increase its appeal to potential buyers and investors. Installing a fence for your commercial property is far from a straightforward decision. There are numerous options to pick and it's easy to get confused. In choosing your commercial fence, you would need to consider your immediate needs. Some companies prefer to install a fence that optimizes their security, while others want something that will improve their building's aesthetic appeal. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we can help you design and install your preferred commercial fencing. We are experts at different types of fencing services and will work with you to design a reasonable solution.


Chain Link Fencing

This type of fencing appears like a continuous stretch of fence posts that are installed around your property. The fence can be painted in different color schemes. It's an ideal choice for fencing commercial properties quickly. The chain-link fence is designed to reduce wind, noise, and dust. The impressive thing about chain link fencing is that it can be installed in large interior areas, such as warehouses, to partition the storage area. The fence is also made from steel that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting.


Vinyl Fencing

Many people say that vinyl is permanent, and they have a good reason for their statement. Vinyl fencing is usually installed with UV protection and will not fade under extended sunlight exposure. They never need to be repainted. They also do not shrink, rust, or decompose. While you would need to perform regular cleanup and maintenance on your vinyl fences, it's only to prevent the fences from getting too dirty. The lightweight of the fence allows it to be installed quickly and easily. Vinyl is resistant to extreme heat but may crack under cold conditions. This type of fence also has an impressive aesthetic appeal.


Farm-Style Fencing

Farm-style fences are made from tough, durable wood. They are designed to be installed on agricultural properties. They also come in different styles ranging from split rail fences to those with an extra wire mesh covering. This type of fence is a common choice because of its rustic appearance that blends smoothly into the environment. There are many options to choose from for this type of fencing including those used for livestock containment.


Steel and Aluminium Ornamental Fencing

Steel and aluminium ornamental fences are a popular choice on many commercial properties. These types of fences are made from tough, heavy-duty materials that are also durable. While these fences may have an attractive appearance, they are also designed for the security of the property. The metal is finished with a special coating to ensure that the fences do not require high maintenance practices. The colors of these fences will also keep glowing for an extended period. New Braunfels Fence experts will secure your commercial property with different fencing options. We are capable of designing and installing durable, long-lasting commercial fencing. We'll consult you on your preferred design, budget and handle the rest.

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