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New Braunfels Fence Experts

Fence Company in New Braunfels, TX

new and old wood fence

If you own a property - residential or commercial, you must pay attention to the fencing that's installed there. The right type of fencing would make your home more appealing and secure the contents of your property from human and animal intruders. If you are one of those interested in installing a fence, then you need to hire a professional fencing company to work for you.

These fencing contractors would ensure that each post is properly installed and sturdy to withstand strong wind and break-in attempts. New Braunfels Fence Experts are a fully licensed, certified fencing company. As a result, they are capable of producing different types of fences. Regardless of your reason for installing a fence, we have a suitable option for you. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you pick a solution that suits the size of your property and budget. Our job is to maximize fence costs and provide property owners with one-of-a-kind fencing solutions.

About Us

New Braunfels Fence Experts see a team of fence contractors that are proud of the nature of the service they offer to homeowners. We have been the top fence installation company for more than a decade, and have an interesting track record of satisfying our customers in Texas. We have worked with a long list of customers in the region. As a result, we have experience working with different types of fencing options. All of our fences are attractive and made from high-quality materials. We have hired a network of fence specialists. All of them have been trained to operate with honesty and integrity. So, you can rest assured that only the best hands will work on your property. When you work with us, it means you are booking bonded, licensed, and insured services. We also offer our customers free quotes on fixing their appointments.

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    Our Services

    At New Braunfels Fence Experts, you get access to top-quality services that produce high-end fences. We have hired multiple contractors to ensure that we can handle your projects quickly and professionally. We are capable of handling various fence installation services, including; wood privacy fence, ranch style fence, commercial fencing, wrought iron fencing, production of custom gates and gate openers, and fence painting and staining. Regardless of the project that you wish to work on, we have innovative solutions to help you out. Let us know your budget today and work on something together.

    big house with wood fence
    Wood Privacy Fence

    Installing a wood privacy fence in the backyard of your home will make a lot of difference. It will transform that part of the home and prevent the entry of intruders into your property. This type of fence would enhance the value and appearance of your property. It would also give your pets and kids a new area to play. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we can help you secure your privacy by installing a sturdy, well-designed wooden fence. The fence will be specially treated to make them tougher and long-lasting.

    fence with barbwires in the ranch
    Ranch Style Fence

    The ranch-style fence is an interesting addition to most countryside homes. They prevent the entry of animal intruders into your countryside property. Due to their rustic nature, they are a perfect choice for this type of environment. They blend perfectly with the color scheme of your home and are durable enough to be used for an extended period. You can contact us at New Braunfels Fence Experts to get the perfect ranch-style fence for your countryside home. We have multiple options at our disposal for you to choose from.

    "Moving into a new house was a lot of work, especially considering that it had no fence. I contacted New Braunfels Fence Experts and they did a wonderful job on my property" - John.

    newly painted chain link fence
    Commercial Fencing

    Commercial properties also require extensive fencing. It doesn't matter if your property is made up of bare land or filled with administrative buildings, a well-designed fence would establish your boundaries and ownership. The interesting thing to note about commercial fences is that they are available in various designs. We can help you protect property with your preferred fencing option. Regardless of the size of the land in question, we can help you design a suitable fence with an attractive design and long-lasting nature.

    customized black metal fence
    Wrought Iron Fencing

    Wrought Iron Fences are one of the toughest fencing options on the market. Wrought iron is durable, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant. The material is also malleable enough to be transformed into different shapes, styles, and sizes. When installing wrought iron fences on your property, you get the freedom to decide exactly how you want it to appear. They can also be designed into various colors - to match the color scheme of your property. This makes it the ideal option to use in fencing most properties. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we are capable of meeting your wrought iron fencing demands and securing your property.

    "My new office building didn't have a fence for many years because we couldn't find the right professional company to work with. All of that changed when I met New Braunfels Fence Experts" - Samuel.

    black gate of the house
    Custom Gates & Gate Openers

    After shielding your property from external access, you'll need to mark out an access point for entry and exit. Often, a gate is installed at the entry point to any property. There are different gate sizes and designs to choose from. By working with New Braunfels Fence Experts, you can pick your preferred custom gate options alongside gate openers.

    paint bucket beside the fence
    Fence Painting and Staining

    Fence painting will help you boost the appearance of your fences. There are different paint types and colors that can be applied to make your fence more attractive. After using your fence for an extended period, you would need to paint it to breathe some new life into your property. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we have specialized contractors to help you maintain the quality of your fence. We have multiple color options to choose from, and our work will add more value to your property.

    "Their customer reps are nice and attended to all my inquiries. Their contractors also did a good job painting my fence" - Louis.

    Call Us Today

    If you are looking for a professional fence company around you, New Braunfels Fence Experts is an ideal choice. They are known for quality service delivery and timely construction plans. They have also set up a customer service team to attend to your inquiries. Contact them to book their services today and let them transform your property with modern, stylish fence ideas.