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Fence Painting and Staining

worker painting the fence

Installing a fence is more than just sticking wooden or metal posts into the floor. The colour of your fence also has a big role to play in how the new addition would blend with your property. There are various options to choose from. The right colour choice would transform your property and increase its overall value. Fence painting is essential during the early days of installing your paint and after an extended duration. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we have the fence builders that will help you paint and stain your fences for optimal appearance. We have multiple colours for you to choose from. Our experts will also advise you on the right colour scheme to enhance the appearance of your property. These are some tell-tale signs that your fence needs to be repainted.


Fence paint is peeling or fading

A big sign that you need to invest in fence painting is when you notice that the color of your fence has started to fade. You'll find blisters, peeling spots, or chipping on different parts of the fence. If you have a wooden fence around your property, there may be some weathered areas that will show that the paint has passed its lifespan. When the paint on your fencing starts to peel, contact New Braunfels Fence Experts to retouch it for you. We'll make your fence attractive once more.


Fence paint does not match the home exterior

Some types of fencing retain their paint better than others. A good example is vinyl fencing. The painting on this type of fence may not peel or get chipped off. Instead, the color will slowly fade until it is a reflection of what it used to be. If your vinyl face painting has become dull, this is a sign that you need to hire professionals to add some life to it. If you also wish to change the colour of your fencing, you can hire fence builders to handle it for you. New Braunfels Fence Experts are the best choice to instantly transform your property with new fence painting.


Fence requires special paint

Let's say that your former paint deteriorated too fast because of predominant weather conditions in your area, you may need a better paint to beautify your fence. For instance, you may need a paint that is mold-resistant or resistant to high salt content. By investing in specialised paint options, you get to preserve the life of your fence. New Braunfels Fence Experts can help you with your custom or special painting needs.


You plan to sell your house

If you plan to sell your house anytime soon, it's a great idea to make sure that the property is as attractive as possible. By investing in key exterior components such as repainting the fence, you increase its value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. A house with a newly painted fence will surely get more prospects than one with a dull fence.

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