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Custom Gates & Gate Openers

customized metal gate of the house

Every house is different from the next in multiple ways. Even when the houses are designed similarly, the homeowners will add some degree of customization to make their property stand out. Due to this reason, you'll find many homeowners investing lump sums in the addition of a custom gate to their property. Custom-made gates make your home more attractive while also securing its contents. These gates are made from various materials and designed to suit the taste of the client or customer. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we have a range of custom gates that will breathe some new life into your property. It doesn't matter if you need a gate for your home, garden, industrial park, backyard, etc, we have the right solution for you. If you're wondering why you should install a custom gate and gate opener, the following reasons will help you shed more light.



Gates offer entry and exit access to your home. Depending on the design of the home and its fencing, the gate may lead to the entrance of the home or a driveway. They offer some level of security to the occupants of a home or commercial property. For instance, some gates are impossible to destroy and act as a deterrent to burglars and robbers. They ensure privacy by hiding the contents of your home. At New Braunfels Fence Experts, we can help you install the right type of custom gate to protect your family from harm and keep your affairs private.


Secure Children and Pets from harm

Gates can be used to protect children and small pets from getting into dangerous scenarios. For instance, a small gate may prevent a child from getting into the pool or could be used to prevent your pet from running into the road when you are not at home. These types of protective gates are in smaller sizes when compared to those kept at the main entrance of your property. Our custom gates can be installed at different parts of your property to serve various needs.


Aesthetic Appeal

By creating a custom gate, you are free to decide the shape, size, and design that you want. Custom designing this part of your house gives you the freedom to bring your dream to life. As a result, you can opt for a gate that blends with your property perfectly. Our fence builders will access your property while closely considering its aesthetic requirements. We will listen to the type of solution that you want for your property. By thoroughly reviewing the client's tastes and preferences, we can come up with innovative solutions. Our service delivery process will guarantee that our gate is a perfect fit for your property and boosts its aesthetic appeal. Your input will be used to tailor every step of the process till a final result is reached.

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